Velocity1 WiFi can keep your entire business, building, stadium and public location connected. Delivering scale, capacity, security and performance is what we specialise in.

Key Benefits

  • Superior WiFi radio frequency design to ensure best performance and end user experience.
  • Capture your guest users’ details and be GDPR compliant.
  • Scalable to almost any size and capacity.
  • Enables WiFi roaming on large scale with best in class security.

Business WiFi

Velocity WiFi provides long ranges and high speeds and is built for scalability. It also lets you view users and guests on your network and determine bandwidth allowances per user and impose application restrictions e.g. only giving access to social networks at off-duty times.

The cloud control feature means you can login online and control your network from anywhere in the world. It also lets you capture guest login details so you can reach out to them with promotional offers.

To cover all your requirements, three devices are available: Standard, Larger Indoor and Exterior.

Stadium WiFi

With Stadium WiFi you’ll get a fully GDPR-compliant report of your guests so you can analyse unique users, dwell time demographics, footfall and more. This supports Direct Marketing to supporters and visitors.

Free Public WiFi

Free Public WiFi encourages visitors to visit your location and public events.

A once-off, simple and GDPR compliant login process allows users to register for the service and enjoy complementary and unlimited WiFi Internet access. The family friendly WiFi service ensures that inappropriate or illegal content cannot be accessed. This gives stakeholders, advertisers and users real peace of mind.

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