Managed Failover

Failover links can be considered essential within industries that demand near-perfect uptime.

Key Benefits

Options Available

  • BGP
  • VRRP
  • HSRP

If your business depends on internet uptime, having a backup connection makes complete sense. If you rely on a single connection and it goes down, you aren’t just losing business during the downtime; you may lose future business from customers scared off by the outage.

A failover link is a secondary internet link set up to ensure internet uptime is not lost in the case of a main link failure (e.g. internet outages caused by traffic accidents, road construction etc.). 

Secondary internet connections, or failover links, are very popular, even necessary, within industries that demand near-perfect uptime for the sending and receiving of data. This include sectors such as finance, healthcare, and cloud-based software services where a data loss could be potentially catastrophic.

Thanks to the plummeting costs associated with running multiple internet connections, failover links are also becoming more popular with businesses that rely on internet access for production. These would include software development and media services companies.

Achieving best results

For the best results, businesses should use one or more different types of failover methods alongside your main link. A typical redundancy scenario with high-speed Internet connections could be a fibre-based internet provider as a primary connection, with a wireless-based connection.

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