Residential FAQs



My services are not working properly

Please select the service that is not working:

My wall socket is faulty or broken

If your wall socket is damaged or broken then it is likely that your services will not work. Your wall sockets are not Magnet’s property and may have been installed during the construction of your property. Please contact either the building management company, your landlord or a qualified electrician.

I am a new customer, how long will it take for my services to be live?

Depending on the product ordered and the delivery method will depend on the length of time for your services to be live.  Delivery times range from 5 working days to 20 working days.

To provide more accuracy on the status of your order you will recieve an e-mail to the e-mail address provided at the time of order and an SMS to the mobile number provided at the time of order.  This will contain information about your order, the product you have purchased and the status of the delivery.  Please refer to this for an update.

I have broken or faulty leads or cables

Broadband / Phone connection cables.

As part of the welcome pack with your modem/router, you will receive connection cables.  Over the course of time these cables can become damaged and cause issues with your connection.  Whilst we supply the inital connection cables, we dont provide follow up replacement cables as we dont hold a stock of these items.  These cables are in-expensive items and can be purchased from your local PC store.

Internal Wiring

Some issues can be as a result of faulty or damaged internal wiring in your home.  If you have an issue with your internal wiring or need additional connection points you will need to arrange to have this looked at independently.


My phone is not working

To help find out why your phone is not working please carry out the following simple steps;

1. Your Phone is powered on (seems obvious but sometimes kids unplug and switch things off!)

2. Your phone is directly connected to the router or the correct socket.

3. Some customers connect via wall sockets, and in this case you should try a different socket. If your phone is now working it is likely that you have a damaged socket. An electrician or building maintenance company will be able to assist you replace the socket.

4. Check that your internet is also working. If there is a problem with your phone line or router then it is likely that your internet connection will not be working either. To trouble shoot complete loss of services please follow the steps shown on our Broadband Support.

5. Your account is paid and up to date. If you have forgotten to pay your most recent bill on time, your services may have been suspended. Call our accounts team on 0203 744 4905 if you need to clear your account.

6. If you have checked all of the steps above and your service is still not working, please call us on 0203 744 4905 and Select “Technical Issue” to speak to one of our staff.


I am a Fibre To The Home customer and I have no services

There are 3 main reasons why all your services would cease to work….

1) A power outage in your estate – this can be an issue that is resolved in conjunction with the property maintance company

2) A fibre break in your estate – on rare occasions if work is being carried out by a contractor they can in error damage the fibre cable.  This requires a site visit by our cabling contractor to restore

3) An issue with the CPS device in your home.

This is the small white device labelled packetfront contained in the Velocity 1 Cabinet.  In a large number of cases this simply needs to be rebooted to restore services

Power down the CPS device by switching it off and removing the power supply to it.

Wait for 5 minutes and turn the CPS back on.  When you do a green LED will illuminate at the top of the CPS confirming it is receiving power.

For Troubelshooting purposes and for a better understanding of how this device works –FTTH CPS Device – Troubleshooting


I get a “limited or no connectivity” message

When attempting to set up or make network connections on a Windows computer, you may encounter a Limited Or No Connectivity error message similar to the following:

Limited or no connectivity: The connection has limited or no connectivity. You might be unable to access the Internet or some network resources.

This message can result from any of several different technical glitches or configuration problems. Follow these steps to resolve Limited Or No Connectivity errors in Windows.

    1. If your computer connects to the network directly via the Velocity 1 router, resetting (powering off and on) the router may resolve the issue. If not using a broadband router, or if resetting your router only temporarily resolves the issue and the error message re-appears later, continue to the following steps.
    2. If directly connected to your network using an Ethernet cable, your cable may have failed. Temporarily replace your network cable with a new one to determine whether this resolves the issue.
    3. If connecting to your network using Wi-Fi it may be that you are too far from the Wi-Fi Access point or there is interference affecting the signal from the Wi-Fi access point. Try moving closer to the Wi-Fi access point to get a better signal.
    4. If connecting to your network using Wi-Fi and using wireless security, your WEP or other security key may not be set properly. Check the wireless security configuration on your computer’s network adapter and update if it necessary. How do I get my Wi-Fi Password/WEP Key?

Connection issues

To help us solve your particular issue please tell us more about your problem.

I get “limited or no connectivity” message – Click Here

I have slow speeds over wi-fi connection – Click Here

My Broadband/Internet Service is not working properly

From time to time your broadband services can stop working or can be intermittent……

There are 4 main reasons for this…and all very easy for you to check and resolve quickly

1. Loose or faulty connections or cables…. have you checked all your cables and connections to your router?

2. The router from time to time needs to be re-booted as it has gone off line, or it may have gone faulty…..have you checked your router set-up?

3. The line into your premises is disconnected or has a break in it somewhere along the route to your house or apartment….if you live in an apartment have you checked with your property management company that there is no issue with cabling in your building?

4. Lastly…have you ever had connectivity?  Have you received confirmation by e-mail and SMS that your services are active?

If you have re-connected all your cables re boooted your router and you are still having issues please tell us more about your problem as as we can direct you to the resolution.

  1. I have Slow Broadband or Internet Speed – Click Here
  2. I can’t access SOME websites – Click Here
  3. I am getting a “limited or no connectivity” message – Visit our WiFi Help Page

My Broadband/Internet Service is Slow

Before you trouble shoot it is worth remembering that the Internet is an unregulated collection of computers. Velocity 1 provides the initial connection from your home to the Internet – but we have no control over what happens beyond our network.

During times of significant internet usage, good (major broadcast events), and bad (large scale internet attacks), etc) the Internet itself may be slow.

In some instances a specific site you are trying to visit may be having difficulties due to high visitor numbers.

With some broadband providers there is the additional complication that you may be sharing your connection to the internet with other customers. That is not the case with Magnet.

If you are still concerned about your broadband or internet connection speed please select one of the following to help us resolve your issue:

  • If you are on a lap-top or handheld connecting over WIFI click here
  • If you are connecting to the internet with a computer that is directly connected to the Modem click here

I cannot access ANY websites

  1. The first step is to check if your Router is online.
  2. There are a series of lights on the front of your Router which will help us to find the problem. Depending on which service you have from Velocity 1 you will have a light labeled “@” depending on which modem/router you have.

How to Find Your Network Settings on a Windows XP Computer 


I’m having problems with my Wi-Fi

From time to time your Wi-Fi services can stop working or can be intermittent.

The wireless service provided at your site is an “up-to” service. What does this mean?

All wireless service performance is influenced by several factors that can have an effect on the speed at which information is carried to the customer’s device:

  • The device itself may not be capable of transmitting and receiving the information at full package speed. Different devices have different performance characteristics. For example, an iPhone or other smartphone is not going to be able to download data at the same speed as the latest and greatest desktop computer.
  • We are surrounded by electrical devices that emit electronic signals that cause interference to wireless networks, for example; microwaves, televisions and other wireless networks all have the potential to cause signal interference.
  • The building and the contents of the building are all potential obstructions to the wireless signal.
  • It is a shared service, so multiple customers using the service may affect the overall customer experience.

These outside influences can all result in variances in the speed that you get when using the service.

The fault threshold for all wireless services is the same regardless of the site or package you are, i.e. We will provide a connection to the Internet at 5Mb/s.

We will, of course, work with all customers who report speed issues to determine the cause of the issue and resolve it if we can.

Dropped connections and poor performance considerations
You may have been experiencing issues with your connection to the Velocity1 wireless network. Your connection may have dropped or, even if you are connected your ability to use the service may be impaired. There is no simple answer as to why this happens, but it often has to do with Radio Interference.

  • Wi-Fi games consoles and wireless printers are not supported on our network but if the wireless radio is still trying to broadcast it is creating interference. You should ensure that your devices wi-fi is turned off to reduce the impact you are having on both your service, and the service of your neighbours.
    • Wireless games controllers broadcast on the same frequency as wireless access points.
    • So do cordless phones, two-way radios and Voice-Over-IP phones.
  • Personal Access Points are the worst offender for impact on the service provided to the halls. These may be providing the individual using them with a good service, but they cause problems for all the people who live within range of them by using up the available “air time”.

Eliminating these sources of Radio Interference helps everyone to receive a good service.


Uk Consumer Complaint Code of Practice