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Our turn-key offering enables developers to future proof their buildings and enable an ecosystem for 21st century lifestyle and services. Once fibre is deployed, no other technology can compete for communication or other broadband services.

Professional Services

  • Fibre is the Enabler of the Smart City 21st Century Lifestyle
  • Older technologies are running out of speed
  • Copper is hitting a speed wall at 70Mb
  • CoAx Cable is hitting a wall at 300Mb
  • Fibre is only limited by quantum physics!
  • 10 Years’ Experience Partnering with Property Developers

  • We offer full support whenever if you need it
  • Guaranteed start of the art network solution delivered at cost saving price.
  • Save on any additional costs for your new, build we will install fibre using existing copper ducting.
  • Fibre install is easy, save on any specialised skills and equipemnt
  • Fibre future proofs for your build for the long-term and can be repaired/replaced easily.
  • new build