My Broadband/Internet Service
is not working properly

From time to time your broadband services can stop working or can be intermittent.

There are 4 main reasons for this, which are easy for you to check and resolve quickly.

1. Loose or faulty connections or cables – have you checked all your cables and connections to your router?

2. The router from time to time needs to be re-booted as it has gone off line, or it may have gone faulty – have you checked your router set-up?

3. The line into your premises is disconnected or has a break in it somewhere along the route to your house or apartment – if you live in an apartment have you checked with your property management company that there is no issue with cabling in your building?

4. Lastly, have you ever had connectivity?  Have you received confirmation by e-mail or SMS that your services are active?

If you have re-connected all your cables re boooted your router and you are still having issues please tell us more about your problem as as we can direct you to the resolution.

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