Wireless Speed Considerations

From time to time your Wi-Fi services can stop working or can be intermittent.

The wireless service provided at your site is an “up-to” service. What does this mean?

All wireless service performance is influenced by several factors that can have an effect on the speed at which information is carried to the customer’s device:

  • The device itself may not be capable of transmitting and receiving the information at full package speed. Different devices have different performance characteristics. For example, an iPhone or other smartphone is not going to be able to download data at the same speed as the latest and greatest desktop computer.
  • We are surrounded by electrical devices that emit electronic signals that cause interference to wireless networks, for example; microwaves, televisions and other wireless networks all have the potential to cause signal interference.
  • The building and the contents of the building are all potential obstructions to the wireless signal.
  • It is a shared service, so multiple customers using the service may affect the overall customer experience.

These outside influences can all result in variances in the speed that you get when using the service.

The fault threshold for all wireless services is the same regardless of the site or package you are, i.e. We will provide a connection to the Internet at 5Mb/s.

We will, of course, work with all customers who report speed issues to determine the cause of the issue and resolve it if we can.


Dropped connections and poor performance considerations

You may have been experiencing issues with your connection to the Velocity1 wireless network. Your connection may have dropped or, even if you are connected your ability to use the service may be impaired. There is no simple answer as to why this happens, but it often has to do with Radio Interference.

  • Wi-Fi games consoles and wireless printers are not supported on our network but if the wireless radio is still trying to broadcast it is creating interference. You should ensure that your devices wi-fi is turned off to reduce the impact you are having on both your service, and the service of your neighbours.
    • Wireless games controllers broadcast on the same frequency as wireless access points.
    • So do cordless phones, two-way radios and Voice-Over-IP phones.
  • Personal Access Points are the worst offender for impact on the service provided to the halls. These may be providing the individual using them with a good service, but they cause problems for all the people who live within range of them by using up the available “air time”.

Eliminating these sources of Radio Interference helps everyone to receive a good service.