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At Velocity 1 our aim is to ensure you the customer is given the best customer service possible. When you feel that we have not given you the care you deserve then it is only right that you contact us to let us know. We will then try to resolve the issue to your satisfaction and take on board your feedback to help us do it better in the future.

The Code is a way to let you know how to make a complaint and who to take it further if needed.

It covers phone and broadband services provided to you by Velocity 1 as well as all other mobile and telecoms companies.

In Velocity 1 we aim to resolve your complaint within 10 days but some issues may take longer but we will endeavour to keep your informed as to our progress in resolving your issue.

If you are experiencing a service issue please ensure to email us at:

Phone 0845 557 8546

Making a Complaint

In Velocity 1 our complaints process gives you the opportunity to tell us what has gone wrong so that we can make it right and therefore provide better service in the future.

You can contact our complaints team using the details in the Contact Us section.

Our aim is to resolve your complaint as soon as possible but we will keep you updated on when and how we propose to resolve it. We aim to resolve all complaints within 14 days.

We aim to make the complaints process as easy as possible. With that in mind here are a few things to keep in mind:

If you raise your complaint using the email option you will receive an instant automatic reply with a Case reference number which is easy to track.

We are happy for someone else to raise a complaint on your behalf as long as we have confirmation from you that they are acting with your consent.

In all cases we will try to do everything we can to sort out your complaint but in case we don’t

Or if we have not been able to resolve your complaint, you can request the Ombudsman to look at it for free.

Details of how to contact the Ombudsman and Velocity 1 as in this document.

Contact Us

Velocity 1
3rd Floor
York House
Empire Way
Wembley, Middlesex
United Kingdom

0845 557 8546

Independent Adjudication

The Ombudsman is an independent organisation dedicated to sorting out disputes between customers and providers and Velocity 1will be bound by its decision if a case is opened.

The Ombudsman will only consider complaints which are over 8 weeks old or if there is a deadlock situation. A deadlock arises when we believe we’ve done everything we can to sort out a complaint but can’t reach an agreement with you.

Ombudsman contact details:

Ombudsman Services: Communications
PO Box 730

If your complaint is about a purchase you made online and we’ve been unable to resolve your concerns through our complaints process, you can submit your complaint through the European. Commission’s online dispute resolution platform, instead of contacting the Ombudsman directly. You can find the platform and more information on how it works here.

The platform simply facilitates the investigation and resolution of your complaint through the Ombudsman so, if you’re unhappy, you may find it easier to contact the Ombudsman directly.

Remember, you can only use the platform if your complaint comes from an online transaction. If you made your purchase over the phone or in store, you need to contact the Ombudsman using the contact details above.