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My Broadband is not working

There are a number of reasons that your Broadband may not appear to be working. The following steps should help narrow down the issue.
  • Switch your router off and on again – And, if the equipment is hot, let it cool down and look for somewhere better ventilated to keep it.
  • Check your office network – If you have switches distributing your Internet connection around your office, please check the network for power and also that other users are not utilising all of the available bandwidth. Contact your IT department or IT Provider to assist you with Office Network issues.
  • Check software settings – If you’re Firewall or Anti-virus settings are incorrect, you may not be able to connect. Further details and other software checks can be found in How can software settings affect my connection?
  • Check there hasn’t been a problem with your bill – if a bill hasn’t been paid, we’ll initially suspend the broadband connection. Registered users can check this online: see If your bill needs to be paid

Still not working? Call Velocity1 Business Support on 0203 744 4905

What Is the Maximum Size Of Email Attachments?

This limit is 30MB. We do NOT recommend using email to transfer large files. Use FTP or services like DropBox – they’re more efficient and less likely to cause issues for people who check email on their mobile devices

How can I avoid being accused of sending spam?

We recommend that you read up on mailing list management. Although you may have a legitimate mailing list it can be all too easy for you to be accused of spamming if you do not follow certain basic guidelines. Have a look at //

I can’t send emails but I can receive them?

There can be a lot of reasons that you can’t send emails but have no problems receiving them.  The main ones are:
# Your anti-virus program is blocking you
Try disabling your anti-virus program or firewall to rule this out.  If that solves the problem then look for an option in that program to disable any email scanning.
# Your email program needs to be restarted
You can try restarting your email program.  This can sometimes happen with older versions of Outlook in particular.  Typical symptoms are emails just sitting in the outbox with no obvious error.
# You don’t have SMTP authentication on
This only applies if you are using our mailserver.  We require this setting to be enabled and for how to enable it please see FAQ above


My phone service is not working.

The most common reasons a Phone system would not be allowing inbound or outbound call are as follows:

  • The Modem/Router is Powered Off or Off Line – turn the device on and off, wait a few minutes and retry making calls.
  • Your IP Phone is disconnected from your network or powered off.
  • There is a problem with your office network – please check that your office network is active or check with your IT Department
  • There is an issue with the phone lines into your building – if you modem is ON but does not have a Solid Link or DSL Light, then it is likely that the issue relates to your phone lines. Call Velocity1 on 0203 744 4905 to seek further assistance.


I have a query on my recent bill.

For  billing queries please call our Support line and select the Billing option via 0203 744 4905


Uk Consumer Complaint Code of Practice